Sunday, June 6, 2010

Somebody buried me in the soil for a week

I was in my days of boredom . I have stayed at home watching TV, reading books until I heard a shout," STOP." Then I felt the tears rolled down my eyes. I have never thought that my eyes were bored too. And suddenly I remembered I'm about to be buried but I was not afraid nor hesitant. I said why not?

I was buried in a soil together with others for a week. It was , I could say a great experience for me since I found out new things that will help me become someone great in the future. I survived the events that took place during that time. Who would have thought that I breathe easily in there than staying at home, finding new things to do and give time for my eyes to rest.

To those who will read this , I am not dead. I am breathing, happy and excited this opening of class 2010-2011. What I was talking was part of my being an educator. I attended the National English Proficiency Program( NEPP)Training. I learned lots of techniques in teaching my learners to become fluent in the English Language and motivate them to read because this training does not only focus on fluency but also on the love of my learners to read because through this , learners discover ,learn and comprehend things.They will be able to shout , speak their minds and reason out for themselves and to situations that happened.

I was like a seed buried for days and then emerged out into the light and had my leaf from one to many.Finally I could give enough shade to my learners who come to school to get the knowledge they needed to become someone great someday.

I extend my greatest thanks to our ES - in English and all the facilitators who made the experienced worthwhile and meaningful. This indeed give me the pride since I was also called to become one of them, the NEPP mentors.


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