Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding love the simplest way and dealing with it the hard way

How can one define love if you are blinded by love!
This is a common saying that everybody may utter without even giving a simple thought and realized that this could strike one the hard way.
We all find love in many different ways and time. Love that we thought has no end.I could say that loving is as hard as dealing with our lives to achieve what we thought to be our ultimate happiness but in reality magic has no existence. If we want to be fulfilled we have to work hard and fight for it.But reality has no mercy , it would teach us the hardest way to grow up, find ourselves and become strong to find our worth. When we're hurting we don't glow, we forget that there is so much to life that love blinded us to see.
Everybody is a gem. We glow , protected and love by our family. When we are with them nothing seems could go wrong because they are there to make things right for us .But we shine not only when we're with them we shine most when we feel loved by that special someone whom we consider to be with for the lifetime.
Love is very easy to find but finding true love is very hard.It knocks us in the right or wrong time and sometimes love hides from us thus makes us desperate in many ways. But reasons are behind why things don't happen the way we want them to be. It seems that love has its own way that people don't understand. Love is not the sweet-sweet thing or feeling that we thought it to be. Because loving is hurting.
Hurting is something that we are not prepared to handle. Who wants to be sad and depressed? Who wants to feel left out nor feel that we are someone not important to be poured with devotion and love? When we love like the "sweet-sweet love" we could say that love is lovely.But life is not all about happiness. Life has its part were we need to stand, reason out, decide and let go.Because love is not a fairy tale. Love is a reality that people go through as they are in search for their ultimate happiness.
There is no great person who can answer why love hurts because love itself is tested by time that science can't explain.We all go through with love and we have different perception of love because people are different. We don't handle things like how others handle them also.People go through heartaches because love is love.Love is..........
Love do wonders that we don't see. It has its own language that we need to perceive because by love we will understand ,forgive, accept, let go and move on.


Shyle said...

wow what a nice post. Now I understand what love is hehehe...Don't be discourage to find your true love. Keep your fire burning...!!!!

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